Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cowboys Post: Deja Vu (4th Year runnning)

Well, we lost again, and this time I'm madder than hell.

You know, if things work out, I should be getting my Dallas Cowboys #82 Jason Witten jersey on Monday. I really got a great deal on this authentic jersey from a friend of mine. Know what would really be great to go with that jersey??? A win. But no, even that can't be done.

The Dallas Cowboys lost to the San Diego Chargers, 20-17 today, and in a sense, the season is over. Ware, one of our star players, exited the game with a sprained neck. That and poor coaching, especially at 4th & Goal, made us lose the game.

Yeah, Romo was OK this game, but still, did we win? No. As of now, the Eagles are winning against the Giants. If the Giants win, Cowboys become 7th seed, season over. Eagles win, more boastful talk from a horrible fan base. Cowboys are really damned if we do, and damned if we don't.

Saturday night, we play the unbeatable New Orelans Saints, in New Orleans. Can we beat them? Highly unlikely. You would think with Ware in the hospital, and the way we played that will give us hope. But, me as the eternal realist thinks we might as well just forefit this game.

I love my Cowboys, and been a loyal fan since like age 5. Our season is over.

I really hate December. Why is December so cruel to my team? I think I have a solid reason as to why. ROMO went on vacation to Vegas. Again, partying it up, when his head should be in the game. If it was one year with this theory, I might just ignore it and not publish it. But friends, THIS IS HAPPENING NUMEROUS YEARS. THIS IS MORE THAN A HABIT. 4 years in a row with a unfavorable losing December & January.

This is not what the Cowboys that I know. Now, Monday will come, and the Eagles fan base will roost their feathers and boast at how good they will be. The Giants fans from a popular take out place I go to will say, "Hey, How Bout Dem Cowboys." It will be like a bad nightmare, all over again. And then, that jersey I bought. Yeah, Witten is a solid player and I will wear it with pride. But really, what's the point?? Seriously.

I want Wade Phillips fired now. Bring in Tony Dungy. Hell, bring in Michael Irvin. Bring in someone who wants to have a winning season. Bring in someone who wants to reverse our December curse. Bring in someone who cares and gives a damn about America's team. Because as of now, that spirit is just not there.

Again, I want my Super Bowl dammit. It just won't be this year.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Want My Super Bowl Dammit

OK, time for another Tony Romo rant blog entry. But this time, it's not only him, but also our defense.

For the past 3 years, we have been plagued as Dallas Cowboys fans for not having great December/January records. Well, if 4th time's the charm, we didn't disappoint the stat keepers.

Yeah, Romo's stats was was alright, about 80% completion, but I want perfection.

Like I said numerous times, this year is different. I want my Super Bowl title dammit, and Romo, if you refuse to be perfect, then son, I want Kitna in.

I don't want people saying 'Have faith, Romo will get us through." Time for appeasement and feel good optimism is over. This is the year for this to be done. Romo, either you are with the Cowboys in this quest, or you're not.

Considering what you have done in the past, I want Kitna in. Oh, and yes, everyone in Cowboys nation KNOWS you went to VEGAS. This is partly the reason why we did not do good today. YOU DID NOT HAVE YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME.

Now, because of Romo and our defense that wasn't it's usual self, we are tied with the bastard 'Iggles, yet again. This alone makes me mad. Now we have to really watch what cards they come up their sleeve.

In closing, Romo ... are you with us or against us? Let Wade know by the end of tomorrow, so we can prep Kitna. I'm serious. Sit down son, we are moving on, with or without you.

-- Matt

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What Was Old, is Again New ...

It only took about 11 months, but looks like what was old, is new again.

Yesterday evening, President Obama ordered 33,000 more American troops to go to Afghanistan, but there will be a troop pull out by the Summer of 2011.

Mr. President, I this is not what I voted you into office for. Sir, I am sure all of the voters who voted for you too, feel the same feel as well.

Mr. President, we are not the world's police. That is what the U.N. is for. We need our troops to come home. That is what you PROMISED us during the campaign.

However, like all politicians who have power, you went back on your word.

It only took 11 months, but looks like more and more everyday, you are turing into the next President Bush.

I don't blame you tho for this Sir, I blame our former president. I know this was not the decision you wanted to make. I can see the stress of the office for the past 11 months as taken a severe toll on you, as it does every occupant of that fabled and storied job.

Sir, Bush is not president anymore. You are. Again, YOU were the one that promised that we were going to have our troops come home. Are they home? No. Did they get the heroes welcome that they so rightly and honorable deserve? No.

I am not against our military men and women who proudly serve our country. My heart and concerns went out to the families of Fort Hood when that incident happened. My cousin and her husband are currently stationed there. I just feel that after 8 years of war, we are ready for peace.

Mr. President, last time I checked, NONE of the 9/11 hijackers came from Afghanistan. They came from Saudi Arabia. But yet, we still have an involvement in Afghanistan. Why?

Mr. President, we are disappointed. I think you can tell that in my tone of this message. You let your base down.

Sadly, and I think this with truth and with humility, I think President Bush and Cheney are laughing in their secret bunker right now. They may not be in the Oval Office anymore, but the strings are certainly still being pulled.

What is wrong with this picture??

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cowboys/Packers wrap-up

With one of my best friends away on his Honeymoon, I highly doubt that he will post his Cowboys game wrap-up, so I will do this for him.

After last week's decisive and redeeming win against the Philadelphia Eagles, we were almost meant to come apart. Unfortunately that is what happened, in Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI.

This was not our greatest game. We perhaps have lost Marc Colombo for the remainder of the season due to a broken left fibula.

The game was scoreless up unto just about halftime, when Green Bay made a field goal. The game was sloppy on both sides. The game was going to be a shut-out for the Cowboys, a first since the Pats game in 2003. But there was a last minute TD by our Cowboys, and we lost 17-7.

But, let's put things in perspective people. All is not lost. With the Eagles getting a grim loss in San Diego today, 31-23, we are still in 1st place in the NFC East. The Giants had a bye week, and now the Eagles are tied with the NY Giants for 2nd place. Next week, the Eagles play Chicago, in Chicago. With how the Bears have collapsed as of late, I think the Eagles might squeeze out this win.

Cowboys fans, let's not panic. Realize that Tony Romo was just not really into this game. With Tony as our QB, we will have to face this risk. Next week, we play our division rival Washington Redskins. And today, after weeks of collapsing, the Washington Redskins, suddenly came alive, winning against the Denver Broncos. I really don't want to say this, but if we were to lose a game, this was the one. Now that this has happened, let's shake it off, and get our head into the game. If we do that, we will prevail over the Skins. And we will retain first place next week.

In closing, I wished we would have won. It just wasn't our week. I think I speak for all my Cowboys fans in that I think we all hoped that Miles Austin would have took the Lambeau Leap. But, no ... that tool Aaron Rodgers did it. Ugh. Anyway, let's get in gear, and we should be alright for next week.

Ever forward ...

-- Matt

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fort Hood Rampage

Looks like a horrific shooting rampage occurred at Fort Hood, Texas, which is near Waco. As of now, 12 people are killed and over 30 injured.

There were 3 shooters, and one of them was a Major. He was a mental health specialist. I cannot wrap my head around as to why stuff like these happens in America.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has ordered state flags to be at half mass effective now, until Sunday. President Obama has ordered the same, nationwide.

Keep the citizens of Texas in your thoughts.